Service & Volunteer Opportunities

While dependents in F2 status are not legally permitted to work or intern within the US, they are permitted to volunteer, as are J2s. Volunteering is very common in the US and a culture of service is a strong component of the Georgetown community. Volunteering can be a great way to utilize skills from your home country to connect with a new community in DC. What counts as volunteer work? Read this criteria list mandated by the Department of Labor. See below for a list of potential places to volunteer. Need help putting together a cover letter or resume to submit to places you'd like to volunteer? See the resume & cover letter resources here for helpful guides.

Georgetown’s Center for Social Justice (CSJ)
Poulton Hall, #130
1421 37th Street, N.W.
Washington, DC 20057

The Center for Social Justice (CSJ) promotes and integrates community-based research, teaching and service by collaborating with diverse partners throughout the community. The CSJ offers a wide range of programs spanning from homelessness and education outreach to speaker events. In order for non Georgetown students to volunteer, they must first become a Sponsored University Affiliate (SUA). For more information on becoming an SUA, please contact Stacy Williams at

One Brick 

One Brick brings volunteers together to support other non-profit organizations by adopting an innovative twist to the volunteer experience: they create a friendly and social atmosphere around volunteering, and after each volunteer event, they invite volunteers to gather at a local restaurant or cafe where they can get to know one another in a relaxed social setting.

Their 'commitment-free volunteering' allows you to choose when you volunteer, rather than having to make commitments for a certain number of volunteer hours, or agree to be available every week at a specific time.

Serve D.C.

This website provides links to multiple service opportunity search engines. The search engines allow you to filter by events that you are interested in that are conveniently located in the Washington, D.C. area.

Volunteer Arlington 

This database lists comprehensive opportunities in the Arlington, VA area. 

Volunteer Match 

This search engine allows you to locate service opportunities in the Washington, D.C. area. You can filter by age, skill-level, and type of service to find volunteer opportunities where you can make the largest impact!