About Us

International students, faculty, and researchers are an integral part of the Georgetown University community. Georgetown's international character is a point of pride for the university and a major element of its diversity. Over 2,500 individuals from more than 100 countries study, research, and teach at Georgetown. The Office of Global Services provides a wealth of services to this community, including immigration advising and cultural and educational programming.

Office Hours & Location
The Office of Global Services is open Monday through Friday, from 9am to 5pm.

3520 Prospect Street, N.W.
Suite 210, Car Barn
Washington, DC 20057-1013

Phone: (202) 687-5867
Fax: (202) 687-5944

After Hours: OGS Closed Page

Emergency Contact Number: (202) 687-4343 (Georgetown University Police Department)
Identify yourself as an international student and the Officer will contact an IS Advisor.

Media Inquiries: Media inquiries, including print media and campus newspapers, should be directed to (202) 687-5867.

All informational interview or student interview requests must be submitted to the appropriate senior staff member via email. The email request must include the purpose of the interview, the questions that will be asked, as well as the deadline for submitting a response. While we may not always be able to accommodate all interview requests, we are happy to receive inquiries.