The Sponsorship Process

There are four categories used by Georgetown to seek permanent residency for its employees: Alien of Extraordinary Ability, Outstanding Professor/ Researcher, National Interest Waiver and Labor Certification.  For specific eligibility requirements, please see the Permanent Residency Request Forms.

There are two or three steps in applying for permanent residency, depending on the classification being requested.


Labor Certification is a process designed to establish to the satisfaction of the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) that the permanent employment of a foreign national will not take away a job from a minimally qualified U.S. worker. This process involves placing advertisements to determine if there are any minimally qualified U.S. workers available.

There is a special provision for Labor Certifications for teaching faculty which allows the employer to document that they went through a competitive recruitment and selection process and that the faculty was the most qualified.  

Labor Certification normally takes six months to a year.

This step may be bypassed if filing under the Outstanding Professor/Researcher, Alien of Extraordinary Ability or National Interest Waiver categories.


OGS files an I-140 Immigrant Petition with U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS) requesting to classify the employee in one of the employment-based green card categories. If the classification being sought requires Labor Certification, this petition may not be filed until the Labor Certification has been approved.  

Please see the Permanent Residency Request Form for information on the criteria for the Outstanding Professor/Researcher, Alien of Extraordinary Ability or National Interest Waiver categories, which do not require Labor Certification.


The employee and his/her dependents file I-485 Adjustment of Status applications with USCIS. In some cases, the Adjustment of Status application may be filed concurrently with the immigrant petition. Upon approval of the application(s), the employee obtains a Permanent Resident card or green card.

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