J-1 scholars with a Form DS-2019 Form issued by Georgetown University may teach or do research only in the field or area listed in Box 4 of the Form DS-2019 and only for Georgetown University, provided that payment is listed on the Form DS-2019 prior to any work being completed. Any payment received from Georgetown University in an unrelated field is considered unauthorized employment. Any payment received from any other entity (even if the work is performed on the Georgetown campus) is considered unauthorized employment. The responsibility of accepting any type of employment that does not meet regulatory requirements, even if offered by another Georgetown University Department, falls solely on the J-1 visiting scholar. All visiting J-1 scholars at Georgetown University must understand and abide by the laws governing their non-immigrant visa status. Please make an appointment to speak with your dedicated IS Advisor any time employment opportunities arise. 

Work Authorization for occasional lectures or short-term consultations

According to the regulations governing J-1 status, Professors and Research Scholars may participate in occasional lectures and short-term consultations outside of Georgetown University if authorized by the Responsible or Alternate Responsible Officer of the J-1 program at Georgetown. Such lectures and consultations must be: incidental to the Exchange Visitor's primary program activities, related to the field of study, occasional or short-term, not delay the completion of the J-1 program and require authorization prior to the activity. If the Exchange Visitor receives payment for a lecture or consultation, s/he must be classified as an independent contractor for tax purposes. This means that payments may be fully taxed.

Procedures for Requesting Work Authorization

To request approval for a lecture or short-term consultation, e-mail your IS Advisor:

1) A letter from the employer (on letterhead, signed) which outlines the terms of the proposed lecture or consultation including the dates of employment, a brief description of the activities involved, and the amount of payment offered.

2) A letter from your Georgetown University host faculty member or department chair (on University letterhead, signed) recommending the proposed employment as relevant to your objectives in the United States, stating that the employment is considered within the field of teaching or research for which you came to the United States, that it will not delay the departure date originally proposed or interrupt your original objective. The employment authorization must be specifically recommended by your host faculty member or department chair in this letter.

Please submit these documents via email at least one week prior to the start date of your lecture or consultation to allow enough time for processing. Participation in the activity may begin only after authorization is received in writing from your IS Advisor. Once authorization is granted, a letter of authorization will be sent via e-mail. The authorization will apply only to the specific activity outlined in the letter.

Responsibilities of  a J-1 Scholar

J-1 Scholars are responsible for learning, understanding, and complying with U.S. federal laws and regulations governing J-1 visa status. Failure to do so may violate the scholar's legal status in the United States. These responsibilities include, but may not be limited to, the following:

Report Address, Telephone, or E-mail Address Changes

Complete this online form to report your information to the Office of Global Services (OGS). J-1 scholars should also report a change of e-mail address for their J-2 spouse.


Abide by Employment Regulations

J-1 scholars may conduct research or teach only at Georgetown University unless specifically authorized ahead of time by OGS to give a lecture or consult at another institution. Scholars must contact their IS Advisor if invited to speak or consult at another institution prior to completing any work.


Depart the United States within 30 Day Grace Period

Scholars must depart the United States within 30 days of the expiration of the Form DS-2019 or program end date, whichever is earlier unless they have applied for a change of status.


Report Departure Date and Reason

J-1 scholars are required to notify their IS Advisor if they plan to leave the University before the expiration date on the Form DS-2019.


Report J-2 Dependent's Departure Date

J-1 scholars are required to notify their IS Advisor if their J-2 dependents return home before the expiration of the Form DS-2019.


Understand the Two-Year Bar on Repeat Participation

Scholars in the Research Scholar or Professor categories are subject to a two-year bar on repeat participation in these categories. If scholars plan to come back to the United States in J-1 status in the future, they should discuss their plans with their IS Advisor.


Participate Fully in the Academic Program

Scholars are permitted entry into the United States in J-1 status to pursue a research or teaching program. All J-1 scholars must fully participate in the Georgetown University academic program for which they have been approved.


Report Changes in Program

Scholars must notify their IS Advisor whenever there is a change in the academic program or program dates.


Understand the Two-Year Home Residency Requirement

Scholars who have been marked subject to 212(e), the two-year home residency requirement, are not eligible for a change of status inside the U.S. or for the H visa, the L visa or Permanent Residency until they have spent two years in their home country following the completion of their J-1 program or have received a waiver of this requirement from the U.S. Department of State/U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services. Scholars should consult with their IS Advisor prior to applying for a waiver to discuss the implications on their status.


Obtain Travel Signature Prior to Departing the United States

Travel signatures are valid for one year or until the expiration date of the Form DS-2019, whichever is earlier.


Apply for an Extension Prior to the Form DS-2019 Expiration

Scholars must apply for an extension before the Form DS-2019 Form expires if they intend to remain at Georgetown. 


Receive Transfer Authorization Prior to Leaving Georgetown

Scholars must receive authorization from their IS Advisor before leaving Georgetown if they wish to transfer to another institution.


Maintain Adequate Health Insurance

J-1 scholars must maintain adequate health insurance for themselves and any dependents in J-2 status throughout their stay in the United States. This insurance must meet the requirements set forth by the Department of State.