J-1 Scholars

Responsibilities of  a J-1 Scholar

Scholars in J-1 status are responsible for learning, understanding, and complying with U.S. federal laws and regulations governing J-1 visa status. Failure to do so may violate the scholar's legal status in the United States. Read more

J-1 Health Insurance Requirement 

U.S. laws governing J-1 status require Exchange Visitors to obtain health insurance for the entire period of J-1 status in the United States. Read more

Work Regulations for J-1 Scholars

All visiting scholars in J-1 status at Georgetown University must understand and abide by the laws governing this particular non-immigrant visa status. Read more

Work Permission for J-2 Visa Holders

A dependent (the spouse or minor child) of a J-1 visa holder is given J-2 status upon entering the United States. J-2 visa holders are eligible to apply for work permission if the certain requirements are met. Read more