Georgetown University sponsors certain faculty members, researchers, and staff for Permanent Residency.

Tenured faculty should be in touch with OGS during their first semester to initiate the green card process. Teaching faculty have a deadline of 18 months from the date of their offer to be sponsored for Permanent Residency under a Special Handling Labor Certification.

University Sponsorship Policy

Updated: February 15, 2017

Georgetown University sponsors certain faculty, researchers and specialized staff for Permanent Residency. The following criteria must be met for an individual to be sponsored:

  • The individual must have been employed by Georgetown for at least one year. This one-year waiting period is not required by federal immigration laws; it is a University policy. This requirement is waived for tenure-line positions.
  • The position must be permanent in nature and must be full time. (Students, postdoctoral fellows, visiting scholars, temporary and part-time employees are not eligible for sponsorship.)
  • The individual must already be employed in this permanent position. Pending promotions must actually be finalized before the paperwork will be processed.
  • The position must require at least a Master’s degree and specialized training and knowledge.
  • The Department must intend to employ the individual for at least three more years. Funding for the position for a three-year period must be guaranteed. The green card sponsorship process may take at least three years, and the job should be available to the applicant at the end of this process.
  • The approval of the Department Chair, Supervisor and Department Administrator must be obtained. Although general information regarding green card procedures and categories may be discussed beforehand, OGS will not initiate Georgetown-sponsored permanent residency applications until approval is received from the Department.
  • The Department must cover all advertising costs and the I-140 immigrant petition fee.

Please note that Human Resources and/or Faculty policies with regard to employment apply, and nothing in this policy implies otherwise.

All paperwork related to Georgetown-sponsored permanent residency must go through OGS to ensure accuracy and consistency of University information that is sent to the U.S. government. Upon approval by OGS, the University Department may choose to hire an attorney to file the paperwork. However, all paperwork must be approved by and sent to the U.S. government by OGS. Immigration paperwork signed by faculty supervisors or principal investigators without approval from both OGS and the Department Chair is not considered valid documentation.

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