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2019 Tax Questionnaire

The 2019 Tax Questionnaire will be available in late January. Please wait for an email and newsletter blurb from OGS once this section is fully updated.

The Tax Questionnaire below only pertains to 2018 and should not be a guide for 2019 tax filing.

The Office of Global Services (OGS) has created the Tax Questionnaire to help determine which tax forms you will need to file and to provide access to some resources catered to your circumstances.Answer Question #1 below to begin the Tax Questionnaire. There may be additional questions to answer if more information is needed.

1. Did you receive U.S. source income in 2018*?


*Note: 2018 refers to the whole calendar year of January 1 – December 31.

U.S. source income is generally income earned or issued by a company or organization while in the United States. Examples of U.S. source income include:

  • Salary and employment wages earned while in the United States
    (this includes F-1 practical training and J-1 Academic Training)
  • Georgetown scholarship awards issued beyond the amount of tuition and fees
  • Georgetown fellowships and graduate assistantships
  • Georgetown grants and other honoraria

For more information about U.S. source income, please visit the IRS Source of Income Page.

Foreign source income is generally income earned or issued from outside of the United States. Examples of foreign income include:

  • Compensation from services performed while outside the United States
  • Salary or employment wages earned from an International Organization
  • Scholarship awards, grants and fellowships from a foreign government or organization
    (this includes foreign-based awards distributed by a U.S. institution)

Income earned or issued by an International Organization is considered foreign source income, not U.S. source income.

You can view the list of international organizations in section (c) of the Code of Federal Regulations* (CFR).

*Note: You must scroll down the CFR list to see section (c).

Please note the World Bank, or the World Bank Group, is a qualifying International Organization. It does not appear on the CFR list because it is instead described by its two constituent institutions, the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) and the International Development Association (IDA).