Recruiting Guidelines for Teaching Faculty

It is important that any advertisement for a teaching position be placed in a professional journal of national circulation in the event that the person hired is international and needs visa sponsorship.

  • The advertisement can either be in print or online. If online, the advertisement must be posted for at least 30 calendar days.
  • Hiring Departments will need documentation of all advertisements including evidence of the start and end dates and the text of the advertisement. Dated website printouts should be collected as documentation.
  • The ad must list the job title, requirements, description, must make it clear that the job involves teaching, must refer applicants to the Georgetown employer with appropriate contact information and must indicate that the position is in Washington, DC. If All but Dissertation (ABD) is acceptable, then the ad should indicate that.

For a brief overview of the requirements and process, please see our Recruiting Guidelines for Teaching Faculty handout (PDF).

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