Financial Aid & Money Matters

General information about loans, scholarships, and tuition payment plans is provided. OGS does not advise on financial aid or University billing.

Living in DC

These tips are for students, scholars, partners, and families on daily life in Washington, DC, including housing, cell phones, banking, safety, etc.

On-Campus Resource Directory (PDF)

This directory includes general information, web links, phone numbers, and hours for Georgetown offices and services.

Academic Support

Review a compilation of campus academic support services, including the Academic Resource Center (ARC), the Writing Center, academic integrity information, citation resources, and more.

Self-Care and Wellness

These self-care resources include apps, videos, audio, and handouts on a variety of personal needs, including sleep, freshman transition, and mindfulness.

Professional Development & Career Resources (PDF)

This guide includes information on professional goal setting, job search timelines and interview preparation for students interested in working in the United States (with prior authorization from OGS).

Legal Resources

Students and scholars may refer to this contact information for immigration attorneys, immigration problems, U.S. laws and Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

Resources on Scams

This page provides resources for identifying and handling scams you may encounter while in the U.S

Contact Us

Have questions about any of these resources? Contact your dedicated IS advisor.