E-3 Australians and 0-1 Extraordinary Ability

E-3 Status for Australian Nationals

The E-3 is a nonimmigrant status used to bring Australian nationals to the United States temporarily to employ them in positions that require specialized training or knowledge. To qualify for this category, the position must require at least a Bachelor’s degree in a specific specialty as a minimal entry-level requirement and the employee must meet the minimum requirements at the time of application. Staff positions which require any Bachelor’s degree or no degree at all do not qualify. E-3 status may be obtained in increments of up to two years and there is no limit on the total length of stay for E-3 visa holders.

For more information, see the E-3 Request Form.

O-1 Aliens of Extraordinary Ability

O-1 Status is reserved for individuals of extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, education, business, and athletics who have risen to the top of their fields. With this status, these individuals may temporarily enter the United States to participate in a specific project or event. The requirements for this status are strict and extensive documentation is needed to establish that the individual is recognized for their extraordinary ability. To qualify for this category, the individual must be nationally/internationally recognized as being in the forefront of their field.

For more information, see the O-1 Request Form.