Know Your Rights

Campus & Neighborhood Safety

Register With Your Embassy

Please note that embassies require their citizens to register with them upon arrival in the United States. Some embassies have online forms available, and some require forms to be submitted in person. For details on the paperwork and other documents required, please check the embassy website of your country of citizenship.

Be Wary of Scams

Georgetown international students and their families overseas have been targeted by various scams. If you or a family member receive a threatening telephone call or email, you should remain calm, do not give out any personal information, and do not provide any payment information. Obtain as much information from the caller or email as possible without expressing your suspicion and always report the incident to Georgetown Police Department (GUPD) (202-687-4343) and your dedicated IS Advisor. Please read USCIS guidance on immigration scams, as well as Federal Trade Commission information Imposter Scams and Government Imposter Scams, to learn more about precautions to protect yourself from these scams.