When to Contact OGS

Below are a variety of situations in which OGS should be included in the communication loop as early as possible in order to protect and preserve both a student's immigration status as well as the integrity and compliance of the University's F-1 and J-1 programs.

  • Early terminations: suspensions; expulsions or withdrawals
  • Late arrivals & deferralsĀ 
  • Students who decide not to attend
  • Doctoral students terminating with a Master's degreeĀ 
  • Extensions
  • Failing to make normal progress towards degree
  • Study or research abroad
  • Missing students
  • Less than full-time enrollment
  • Registration holds
  • Leaves of absence
  • Creation of new programs, online courses, or internship experiences

This list is not inclusive of all situations that may arise. When in doubt, please contact us. It is better for our office to be over-informed as our ability to support students and departments after a violation has occurred is limited.