F-2 Dependent Status

Benefits of F-2 Dependent Status


  • F-2 dependents can travel freely in and out of the United States while the F-1 student remains active in their Georgetown academic program. They should show a valid F-2 visa stamp and a Form I-20 signed for travel within the last year for reentry.
  • F-2 dependents must accompany the F-1 student if the student leaves the United States for more than 30 days (with the exception of the summer vacation). If an F-2 dependent returns home and before the F-1 student, and will not return to the United States, the F-1 student should inform OGS.

Part-time Study in the United States

Dependents in F-2 status are permitted to study and take courses part-time during their time in the United States. Part-time status consists of different amounts of credits according to different programs. Please check with the school(s) you plan to apply to in order to determine how many credits you are permitted to take. 

The OGS English, Childcare, and K-12 Educational Resources page includes more information for those seeking to improve English language skills.

Dependents Arriving in the United States After the F-1 Student

If an F-2 dependent¬†will arrive in the United States later than the F-1 student’s arrival, and they have not already been issued a Form I-20, the F-1 student may request the F-2 dependent’s Form I-20 using the Dependent Request Form (.doc).

Ineligible for Work Authorization in the United States

Employment is prohibited (even if unpaid).