F-2 Dependent Status

F-1 students may request an F-2 Form I-20 for their spouse and/or unmarried child(ren) under age 21. Unless exempt, dependents must apply for their F-2 visa from outside the United States at a U.S. embassy or consulate. See the OGS webpage for U.S. entry documentation and procedures (new window).

F-2 dependents may arrive in the United States after their F-1 principal and may intermittently depart and return during the F-1 program of study. F-2 dependents may remain in the United States while their F-1 principal briefly travels abroad. F-2 dependents should not remain in the United States for an extended interval without their F-1 principal, regardless of whether the F-1 student travels during an official program break or for an approved period of study or research abroad.

Required Documents

No Work or Training 

While physically present in the United States, F-2 dependents may not engage in paid or unpaid employment or internships regardless of the organization’s location.

Volunteering is permitted strictly for humanitarian and altruistic activities that require no specialized skills or expertise. Please contact the F-1 IS Advisor with any questions.

Study in the United States

F-2 status allows study only for:

  • Children in kindergarten through twelfth grade, whom local rules may require to enroll.
  • Online, recreational, or avocational programs.
  • Part-time programs at SEVP-certified schools (new window).
    • Maximum credit amount varies by school and program.

There is no requirement to notify OGS of F-2 study. Visit the OGS webpage for English, Childcare, and K-12 Educational Resources (new window).

Early End of Status

F-1 students must notify OGS when an F-2 dependent departs the United States without intention to return or gains a different U.S. immigration status before principal F-1 status ends.

Post-Completion OPT

Active F-2 dependents are automatically included when an F-1 student applies to extend U.S. immigration status for work/training after graduation.

Other Domestic Partners and Close Family Members

Individuals ineligible for F-2 status may consider B-2 status (new window).

F-2 Boundaries

F-1 students may add dependents to their Georgetown Health Insurance (new window), but F-2 dependents cannot access most University services and resources.OGS guidance is limited to student visa categories; individuals considering another U.S. immigration status may benefit from legal advice (new window).