Inviting Researchers

Visiting Researchers (Main Campus)

Please visit the Visiting Researcher program (new window) website for information about appointing someone as a Visiting Researcher at Georgetown.

Visiting and Affiliated Researchers are eligible to come to Georgetown in J-1 status. To be admitted in J-1 status, the individual must obtain a Form DS-2019 from Georgetown and use it to apply for a J-1 Visa at a U.S. Consulate in their home country. To request a DS-2019, the Department should submit a J-1 Scholar Request Form (PDF) to OGS with the required attachments listed on the form. 

Alternatively, Visiting Researchers may be able to come to Georgetown in B-1 Visitor for Business or WB Visa Waiver for Business status if they will conduct independent research.  Only certain countries qualify for the Visa Waiver Program.  To request B-1 or WB status, Visiting Researchers must clearly state their intention to be a Visiting Researcher by showing their appointment letter to either the U.S. Consulate and/or the Immigration Inspector at the airport or border.  Researchers who enter in B-2 Visitor for Tourism or WT Visa Waiver for Tourism will not be allowed to register as a Visiting Researcher.

Visiting Researchers (Law Center)

Visiting Researchers at the Law Center are appointed through the Office of Transnational Programs.  Information about the program is available on the Transnational Programs website.  Generally, Visiting Researchers come to Georgetown University Law Center in J-1 status.

Researchers (Medical Center)

At the Medical Center, Researchers are invited by the Department in which they will conduct their research.  These Researchers also usually come to Georgetown in J-1 status.

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