J-1 On-Campus Employment

Guidelines for students and departments

On-campus employment is work performed on the premises of Georgetown University, including at the Medical Center and any on-site commercial entities that directly serve students.

The U.S. government does not intend for J-1 Students to use employment earnings to cover their educational and living expenses.

J-1 Students

  • Require OGS authorization for on-campus employment. New authorization is required for each new position and each new period of employment. Authorization cannot be issued in increments longer than one academic year.
  • May request on-campus authorization for positions that begin no more than 30 days prior to their Form DS-2019 program start date.
  • May not exceed 20 total hours per week of employment and training* during required academic terms. This is a weekly maximum rather than an average.
  • May work full-time on campus during official University breaks of at least one week (Winter Break, Spring Break, Summer Break**).
  • May not work on campus without authorization after the termination or completion of their academic program (as indicated in SEVIS).
  • Should apply for the Social Security Number (SSN) as soon as possible upon receiving a job offer.

*Including paid and unpaid off-campus positions, all of which require authorization.

**Unless Summer is a required academic term (i.e. MA in Applied Economics).

Department Responsibilities

Does the student have a Social Security Number (SSN)?

Complete the J-1 On-Campus Work Authorization Form (PDF) on hiring department letterhead, including an ink signature. Give the letter to the student to take to OGS.

Student Responsibilities

  1. Bring completed J-1 On-Campus Work Authorization Form (PDF) to OGS during an appointment or walk-ins for a signature from an IS Advisor. Please ensure the form has been printed on hiring department letterhead and includes an ink signature.
  2. Do you have a Social Security Number (SSN)?
    • YesOnce you have authorization from OGS, skip to I-9 and tax withholding instructions.
    • NoComplete the Social Security Card application (see below). Once you have authorization from OGS, proceed to below I-9 and Tax instructions.

Applying for the Social Security Number

Social Security Administration (SSA)

Students should use the Social Security Office Locator to determine the most convenient SSA office location.

Note: New J-1 Students should wait approximately one week after their on-campus authorization start date before the SSA will recognize their J-1 status as active. Please bring the following original documents with you to the SSA:

  • Completed Form SS-5
  • J-1 On-Campus Work Authorization Form
  • Form DS-2019
  • Form I-94
  • Valid passport

The SSA will issue a receipt confirming the application. The SSN card will arrive in the mail within a few weeks, and must be presented to the I-9 Analyst in Human Resources.

Employment Onboarding

1. Complete the Form I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification: You will receive an email prompt to complete part 1 of the I-9 process in GMS. Then, visit the I-9 Analyst in Human Resources.

2. Follow the instructions on the Financial Affairs Tax Withholding website to determine whether you should complete the Nonresident Alien Tax Request Form. Students with prior on-campus employment experience should ensure their information is updated and accurate in FNIS.