In Case of Emergency/Complaints & Incident Reporting

In Case of Emergency

The Georgetown University Police Department (GUPD) is the 24-hour contact for all emergencies on campus and in the surrounding community: 202-687-4343. Please review the GU Safety and Preparedness website for more information.

Complaint and Incident Reporting

The Department of State (DoS) hotline also ensures the health and safety of exchange participants. It can be used in case of emergency or to report dissatisfaction with the Exchange Visitor Program: 1-866-283-9090 or (new window)

Georgetown is required to report certain incidents to DoS as well. Please be in touch with Georgetown’s Responsible Officer, Sandra Galib ( (new window) or 202-687-5867) regarding any of the situations on the DoS Incident Reporting Rubric (PDF) (new window)