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Academic Training (AT) is the opportunity for J-1 students to apply knowledge gained in the program of study to off-campus work. AT is authorized by OGS. J-1 students are immediately eligible to apply for AT. An application must be submitted for each new or extended period of training.

Attend an Employment Session  Post-Completion AT Handout (PDF) 

Pre-Completion AT Handout (PDF)  AT Evaluation Form 

AT Request Form (PDF)  Health Insurance Options (PDF)  AT FAQs  

Sample AT Employment Verification Letter (PDF)

  • The job/internship must be related to your field of study.
  • The position must contain less than 20 percent unskilled labor, including clerical or office support work.
  • AT may be used before or after completion of the academic program.
  • AT period cannot exceed the length of the program (e.g. Fall-only exchange students have 4 months of AT available).
  • Watch the required online J-1 Academic Training session in Canvas and take the corresponding quiz, or attend an in-person session.

  • Required Documents:
    1. Complete the AT Request Form (PDF) and submit the form to your dedicated IS Advisor by email as PDF attachments.
    2. Copy of I-94 card (front & back), or automated I-94 Form
    3. Job Offer Letter on Company Letterhead (Sample Employment Verification Letter [PDF])
  • Additional Documents Required Only for Post-Completion AT*
    1. Proof of health insurance
    2. Financial documentation for the post-completion period of stay (Estimate: $2,300 per month)

*Post-Completion AT applications must be approved by your dedicated IS Advisor prior to the end date on the Form DS-2019

Processing Times

  • Pre-Completion AT: 3-5 business days.
  • Post-Completion AT: 10 business days. The deadline to submit the application is 10 business days prior to the end date on the Form DS-2019.

  • Employment may only begin on the start date noted on the Form DS-2019.
  • AT applications must be approved prior to the requested start date of employment.
  • Post-Completion Academic Training
    • Travel
      • a valid passport (valid six months into the future)
      • a valid J-1 entry visa stamp in the passport
      • original Form DS-2019 Form signed for travel in the last 6 months
      • financial documentation or job offer letter with salary noted
  • Reporting Requirements
    • Address: The Department of State requires all J-1 students to report any change of local address to OGS within 10 days of moving to a new residence. GU alumni working with AT should report any address changes to their dedicated IS Advisor.
    • Final Evaluation:  For each Academic Training authorization, J-1 students must submit the AT Evaluation Form within 10 days of completion of AT period. 

Questions about the AT application process?  View the Frequently asked questions